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Licensed & Insured

Our company is Licensed and Insured. It meets standards of conduct for operating procedures


Quality Controlled

Each manufactured product reaches the quality criterias for performance and longevity


Economically Sustainable

Manufactoring procedure go hand-in-hand with social, cultural and environmental aspects of future generations

About Us

At Evermine Chemicals, we focus on the finest products made by exclusive components while withstanding sustainable and reliable requirements expected from our customers. We create chemistry while balancing protection and social responsibility for a sustainable future.

While being active in the marketplace, we strive to keep customer needs and satisfaction a top priority, and streamline our production roll and delivery schedule based on your needs.

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Our Products

A product for every premiere project!


TIMBER.DOT WOOD FILLER is a water based wood grain filler free from any solvents and is available in 9 color shades.



SEA POWER AUTO THINNER is one of our top selling products.



A nitrocellulose based air-drying sealer developed specially for wooden objects before top coating.

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Our Office: B-32, Phase 2, Maya Puri, New Delhi 11064 India

We service clients all across India from New Delhi.

All products can be exported through licensed channels. Invoices will be adjusted in accordance with delivery tables and destination address. Email or call us for more information.

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